M8040A 64 Gbaud High-performance BERT

Main characteristics and technical indicatorsPAM-4 signals have data rates from 2 to 32 Gbaud and 64 GbaudBuilt-in de-emphasis and built-in analyzer equalizationIntegrated and calibrated jitter inject

No. : M8040A
Brand : Keysight

Main characteristics and technical indicators

PAM-4 signals have data rates from 2 to 32 Gbaud and 64 Gbaud

Built-in de-emphasis and built-in analyzer equalization

Integrated and calibrated jitter injection: RJ, PJ1, PJ2, SJ, BUJ, and clock/2 jitter

Each module has two pattern generator channels for simulating the interference source channel

The pattern generator uses a remote probe front end to shorten the connection distance to the device under test

Real real-time PAM-4 error detection for low bit error rate

Algorithm PRBS, QPRBS and memory based pattern, pattern sequencer. For PAM4: Gray code, FEC encoding and precoder

All options and modules can be upgraded


Keep your 400G design under control

The Keysight M8040A is a highly integrated bit error rate tester (BERT) for physical layer characterization and compliance testing. With support for PAM-4 and NRZ signals and data rates up to 64 Gbaud (equivalent to 128 Gbit/s), it is suitable for all 200 and 400 GbE standards.

The M8040A BERT features true error analysis to provide accurate and repeatable measurements to optimize the performance margin of 400GbE devices.

Target application

Designed for R&D and test engineers, the M8040A helps them characterize chips, devices, transceiver modules and subassemblies, boards and systems. These devices and systems under test are primarily used in the data center and communications industries, with serial I/O ports with symbol rates up to 32 GBaud and 64 GBaud.

Many popular interconnect standards use the PAM-4 and NRZ data formats. The M8040A can perform receiver (input) tests on these standards as follows: 400 GbE, 50/100/200 GbE, OIF CEI-56G and CEI-112G, 64G/112G Fibre Channel, Infiniband-HDR, and interchip, A proprietary interface for chips and modules, backplanes, repeaters, and active fiber optic cables.


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