8494G Programmable Step Attenuator, DC to 4 GHz, 0 to 11 dB, 1 dB Step

Main characteristics and technical indicatorsExcellent RF performanceFrequency range: DC to 4 GHzInsertion loss (at 0 dB): 0.6 dB + 0.09 dB/GHzMaximum standing wave ratio: 1.5Repeatability and service

No. : 8494G
Brand : Keysight

Main characteristics and technical indicators

Excellent RF performance

Frequency range: DC to 4 GHz

Insertion loss (at 0 dB): 0.6 dB + 0.09 dB/GHz

Maximum standing wave ratio: 1.5

Repeatability and service life

Repeated service life: 0.03 dB maximum, repeating 5 million times per part, typical

Repeat 5 million times per part

Power processing

Maximum RF input power: 1 W (average), 100 W (peak)


Connector type: N type female head, SMA female head, APC-7

Programming connector: 12-pin Viking, optional 14-pin DIP


The Keysight 8494G DC to 4 GHz programmable step attenuator provides excellent repeatability and reliability. The attenuation is 0 to 11 dB at 1 dB steps. Precision gold plated springs ensure long life (5 million cycles) and extremely high attenuator repeatability (typically 0.01 dB). NIST traceable data (SWR and attenuation) is available as option UK6 to improve measurement accuracy. The 20 ms maximum conversion time (including contact settling time) speeds up the automatic test. A custom step attenuator/switch combination can be used. The Keysight 11716A/B/C Interconnect Kit quickly connects the Keysight 8494/5/6/7 1 dB and 10 dB step attenuators for greater dynamic range at 1 dB steps.

Note: Options 024 and 060 are the default options unless otherwise noted.


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