N7711A Single-Ended Adjustable Laser System Signal Source

Main characteristics and technical indicatorsCompact instrument - half 19" wide and 1U high;Adjustable to any wavelength grid (ITU-T 100 GHz, 50 GHz, 25 GHz and any grid)Narrow linewidth less tha

No. : N7711A
Brand : Keysight

Main characteristics and technical indicators

Compact instrument - half 19" wide and 1U high;

Adjustable to any wavelength grid (ITU-T 100 GHz, 50 GHz, 25 GHz and any grid)

Narrow linewidth less than 100 kHz and offset grid tuning over ±6 GHz, ideal for coherent mixing applications and new complex modulation formats

Up to +15 dBm output power and 6 dB power adjustment range

Equipped with Panda polarization-maintaining fiber


The Keysight N7711A and N7714A tunable lasers are single- and four-port laser sources, respectively, available in C-band or L-band wavelengths. The narrow linewidth and offset mesh trimming features make them the best source for the actual load of the latest launch system. Like all other tunable lasers, the Keysight N7711A and N7714A lasers can reach any point within their specified wavelength range. In this mode, the code for the Keysight N7711A and N7714A lasers is compatible with all existing test equipment for full-size and compact tunable lasers, which undoubtedly provides great convenience and cost savings. In systems loaded with application software, it is best to perform grid tuning of the laser (eg, system emitter) by changing the channel index. The channel grid can be adjusted to a standard, 50 GHz ITU-T grid or to any grid. Similarly, the zero frequency (basic channel) of the selected grid can also be adjusted. The 12 GHz trim range allows for detuning the frequency.


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