N7748A High Performance Optical Power Meter (4 channels)

Main characteristics and technical indicatorsPower range: -110 dBm to +10 dBmWavelength range: 800 nm to 1700 nmPolarization correlation: <±0.005 dBLinearity: <±0.015 dB, <±0.005 dB over 10 d

No. : N7748A
Brand : Keysight

Main characteristics and technical indicators

Power range: -110 dBm to +10 dBm

Wavelength range: 800 nm to 1700 nm

Polarization correlation: <±0.005 dB

Linearity: <±0.015 dB, <±0.005 dB over 10 dB intervals

Black noise: < 0.2 pW peak-to-peak

Record Memory: 2x 1M Sample Buffer/Channel

Analog voltage output: 5.0 kHz to 300 Hz bandwidth


The N7747A and N7748A provide the highest optical performance for the N77 compact instrument platform, including -110dBm maximum sensitivity and corresponding low noise and high stability for accurate measurement and monitoring of weak and small signal changes. In addition, the two products also have high relative power accuracy and low polarization correlation and spectral fluctuations.

The N7747A and N7748A are combined with the optical performance proven 81634B sensor module to meet the small size requirements of the N77 Series platform while providing 100x more memory capacity (per channel), higher data transfer rates and continuous recording Function, upload buffered data while recording new data to support long-term continuous monitoring of weak and small signal changes, up to 8 high-sensitivity optical power meters in one rack unit, and light with replaceable 81000xI connector interface system connection.


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