81623B germanium optical power sensor

Main characteristics and technical indicatorsKey performance indicatorsWide wavelength range: 750 – 1800 nmEconomical helium detector: recommended for 850 nm5 mm diameter detector for fiber NA to 0.3

No. : 81623B
Brand : Keysight

Main characteristics and technical indicators

Key performance indicators

Wide wavelength range: 750 – 1800 nm

Economical helium detector: recommended for 850 nm

5 mm diameter detector for fiber NA to 0.3 and open beam

Special calibration options: ±2.5% uncertainty 800 – 1000 nm

Special calibration options: ±1.7% uncertainty 1000 – 1650 nm


The 8162xB Series of optical power probes provide accurate power measurements through a large area detector in the remote probe for flexible positioning. Features include averaging time settings from 100 μs to 10 s, automatic power range, minimum and maximum monitoring, and recording up to 20,000 samples. Fiber optic adapters are available for common connector types, including MT ribbon fiber connectors and bare fiber fixtures. (See www.keysight.com/find/octaccessories) The D-type adapter is magnetically fixed for quick and easy adapter replacement. The probe also includes a detachable 81624DD adapter ring for threaded adapters. The probe is connected to the 816x mainframe using the 81618A single channel or 81619A dual channel interface module.

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